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Happens everytime

Wholesome Animemes, the community to satisfy your wholesome memes expressed through anime and for the wholesome moments from anime without the memes~.

Artoria body swap

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Vlad being a Boss.

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Even more challenge quests: Welcome to Youkoso Jaguari Park

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Today's Menu for Emiya Family - Special Chapter 6: Emiya's Special! Hamburger (English)

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The Counter GARdians - Page 173

Hello Everyone! This is the fanclub for Archer, Servant of Tohsaka Rin in the fifth Grail War. Sign up here: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/group.php?groupid=31 http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a198/UmbraElf/archerface.jpg So, join! Show your love for our favorite cynical asshole Servant!

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"Shirou and Saber: The suits" by@cis05

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Tumblr Blog

Lartoria and Master

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"He could not save her heart..."

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[Fate/Requiem Vol.2] A certain character who likes to get head-pat.

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Shirou and Saber

A Fate subreddit for all Shirou and Arturia content: fanart, discussions, cosplays, doujins, etc.

페이트 동인지 - 세이버 누님 (후방주의)

초반에는 bl이었음.흐에에 ㅠㅠ세이버 얼터 나와서 번역한 작품​(뭐 합체하는 묘사에 대해서는소설로 쭈르...