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the poster for x - men days of future past, featuring characters from different eras
the avengers movie poster with many different characters
an image of a man with his arms crossed in front of a car and the caption that reads, storm waiting for one of the x - men to ask how they're going to do something so
a man laying in bed with the caption magneto lives wolverine in the other room
the poem is written in two different languages
an image of two cartoon characters sitting on a bench with caption that reads, memes? jean i just gon't say it that boy that boy built like randy
a man in a suit and tie standing next to a blue man with the words, sir
an animated image of a man in front of a car with the caption, call an ambulance but not for me
the cover to x - men vol 1
captain america and iron man are in the same place, but they're not going to
an anime character with red hair and black eyes is shown in four different pictures, including the
an image of a woman with blue hair and text that reads, beast when he sees cyclops return to the x - mansion without the blackbird again