So ready for their comeback not even gonna lie

i kinda find kyungsoo shooting up my bias list cuz hes so fking adorable i just cant

YEHET! Haha! Everyone else gets a real word and Sehun gets yehet. Yehet! ;)

Hmmmm I think D. is this fan's bias! My top faves have shifted. Xiu's still my ultimate EXO bias but Kai is my and D. is my bias all the other EXO babies tie for Love our 12 princes:)

This is the boy group EXO after the problems that occured in the company, in regards to private issues.


lovely winter boys giving us all sorts of looks this season. click the image to make it bigger! source: , EXO_Serendipity , plutosuho , every morning when i wake up in the forest exo have released more beautiful things for me to swoon at

CXjk_XJUAAAdhL_.jpg (576×1024)

Love Me Right - Romantic Universe ,my heart why do they look so good