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Shoka Chen

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디자인소스 고추장 국 나물 나뭇잎 냄비 된장국 말풍선 비빔밥 삼겹살 소스 수저 숟가락 음식 잎 접시 젓가락 채소 채식주의 한식 음식 합성이미지…


Elise Gravel illustration • fish • hens • chickens • owls • birds • drawing • cute • fun • art • animals • pattern • colorful

Children's watercolor book art and illustration, kids animal book watercolor illustration

I am back from a very lovely hot and sunny Italy where I saw not only the Bowie show but also lots of prints and patterns which I will bri...


Kish Ruffle Shirt | LOÉIL #ruffle #stripes