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Today we are talking about the importance of Abaya in Islam. As we know that Muslims girls are more likely to wear Abaya with Hijab on normal days.

593 Likes, 36 Comments - Estee Audra (@esteedesign) on Instagram: “Goodnight✨ #EsteeAudra”

593 Likes, 36 Comments - Estee Audra (@esteedesign) on Instagram: “Goodnight✨ #EsteeAudra”

ما بال أول السطر تملكته لعنة الخاتمة؟ البارحة جمعت في تجاعيدي.. قصيدة المواسم المهاجرة. بكيت.. وضحكت بازدراء.. لأنك كنت دائما، في مطلع السطور النقطة القاتمة!

Need to style ur hijab 2 suit ur face easier said than done, we all get bad hair days and some bad hijab days

This is a most worn hijab look, we notice the differences in the volume of folds or Hijab patterns Or maybe the kind of fabric used but…

An easy way to add in your outfit with its classic look and delicate floral lace. It has elasticized back, extendable turban that is comfortable for everyone to use. This is light weight can carry any

Fashion Chic Wide Bandana Lace Head Band