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two metal desks sitting next to each other on top of a cement floor in front of a white wall
s e l e n e
a room that has some chairs on the floor and wooden steps in front of it
an empty building with yellow columns in the center and white flooring on both sides
the interior of a modern kitchen with stainless steel and marble flooring is seen here
Want to live in Thom Mayne's iconic Sixth Street House?
an exhibit with various signs and lights on it's sides, including the words in japanese
日本科学未来館 企画展 「工事中!」~立ち入り禁止!?重機の現場~ - 公益社団法人日本サインデザイン協会(SDA)
the inside of a clothing store with tables and benches
Diesel’s New Paris Store Is as Beaten Up as Its Jeans
there are many shirts hanging on the racks in this room, and two benches sit next to each other
Gallery: Diesel store, Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris
a buffet with lots of pastries and breads on it's counter top
[No.4243 잠실에낭] 외관에 포인트를 준 빈티지 분위기 10평 디저트샵 인테리어
an assembly line in a car shop with tools on the conveyor belt and equipment behind it