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Interesting facts
So waking people up with the scent of bacon/coffee/cinnamon rolls in literature is completely impossible
I want to go here just because it's the closest I'd ever get to being on an alien planet.
12 Beautiful Trees That You'd Thought They Grow On Pandora From Avatar - 9GAG
giftjap.info - Интернет-магазин | Japanese book and magazine handicrafts - Lady Boutique 2016-09
Found this new Japanese sewing pattern. To learn how to sew Japanese patterns, check out japanesesewingpatterns.com
Elastic trousers...<3 Deniz <3
red casual oversize cotton blouse o neck t shirt
Mind-blowing facts you don't know - 9GAG
Haha! So these are interesting facts. Not gonna lie I'm cracking up at the last one