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SIGN DESIGN IDEA - Integrate A Logo Into The Exterior Of A Building - The building, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, is covered in timber cladding, and a section of the wood was cut out in the shape of the logo, making the name visible for people to see from the surrounding area.

Thistle Foundation, Centre of Health & Wellbeing, Edinburgh, by Timber cladding, brick and pre-cast concrete to exterior. Photography courtesy of Cadzow Pelosi.


PIETRO RUSSO FOR DANTE GOODS & BADS Scintilla brings glass crafting opposites together in an astounding new product. On one hand, we see the highly industrialized technique of borosilicate inner extrusion, which when lit, causes the light to sparkle and


Curiosity Objects by Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard. These lights act as small cabinets highlighting their subjects. When turned off, the bulb and socket disappear beneath an opaque black tinted glass. When lit, the bulb gradually reveals itself.