Inspiration - pearl choker

Wouldn't this be amazing with a long black strapless dress for a fancy party? Delores de Jong necklace for the haute couture fashion show by Mart Visser, The collier is made of white baroque pearls and suede.

Beaded necklace

Poofy short hair compliments a sweetheart neckline pink dress, with a big chunky floral statement necklace. So elegant and fashion forward with a classy twist.

Beautiful Bejeweled Light Aqua Cross This beautiful metal cross is bejeweled with stunning light aqua blue and white faceted bling! stunning sparkle when the light catches it! Measures x Hangs from sheer organza ribbon.

Pearl Ombre Necklace

Mother of Pearl Triple Strand White Silver Pewter Pearls Wedding Necklace Flower Motif Bridal Jewelry. White for when they were a bride; pewter for when they're a mother of the bride/groom :)

Silver Crystal Cross with Silver & Turqoise Beads Stretch Bracelet

Montana Silversmiths Tri-Color Cowboy Up Skull Attitude Buckle

Blazin Roxx® Silver Crystal Cross with Silver & Turqoise Beads Stretch Bracelet 30132


PEARL MELANGE NECKLACE -- Cultured pearls—coin, keishi, rice and potato—star in our double strand necklace accented with garnets, labradorites and pink opals. Handcrafted exclusively for Sundance.