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several lawn chairs are lit up with neon lights and the words beach written on them
bureau A: bada bing boardwalk for montreux jazz festival 2013
😍 DIY LED Clouds for your Dream Bedroom! 😍 Starry Ceiling Galaxy Projector from VibeCheckLighting
a bedroom with red and blue lights on the ceiling
an illuminated cube in the middle of a room with red walls and neon lights on it
Neon Boxes
two men standing in front of a mirror on the beach, taking pictures with their cell phones
Giant, brightly-coloured and mirrored doorways pop up on Worthing beach
three men in suits are standing near red doors on the beach, one is walking away from the camera
"Doorways to Potential" Raises Awareness for Homeless
several lawn chairs and umbrellas on the deck of a cruise ship at dusk with an overcast sky in the background
Work | Base Design
several people are hanging out in hammocks on the ground while others stand around
victor pricop's entry for the west kowloon pavilion 2017 is a theatrical curtain
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with sheer curtains covering it
katayoun lazar +'s 'dubai smiles', a recreational pavilion with huge hammocks in dubai
two trees are in the middle of a circular area with white lights on each side
Keith Lemley: Something and Nothing