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Treating Baby Eczema Naturally » Read Now!

Have you noticed dry, itchy, red patches on your baby’s skin? If so, your baby may be suffering from a very common skin condition called eczema. Many times pediatricians will prescribe a topical steroid to ease eczema flair ups, but there are several safe, more natural alternatives that may help your baby’s skin.

I kept forgetting to pin this. Fever treatment - worked very well when the kids and I had the flu earlier this year.
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Fevers And The Lemon Wrap

You may understand that a child’s fever is the immune system helping to work with an infection. Knowing that medications may hinder that process, you may want to hold off. But then, the fever grows higher. Here is something helpful I do with my son. If my son gets a higher fever than normal, closer to 103 or

Natural way to help reduce a fever

Natural way to help reduce a fever

How to get rid of fever and cough
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How to get rid of fever and cough

Fever In Babies – Everything You Should Be Aware Of #kids #parenting #newmoms #kidshealth
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How To Bring Down A Fever In Babies?

Fever In Babies – Everything You Should Be Aware Of #kids #parenting #newmoms #kidshealth

bring down a fever by soaking a pair of white socks in Apple Cider Vinegar (or white vinegar). apply to feet and wrap with a towel. once the socks are dry, repeat if u need too!
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Essential Oils for Babies and Infants

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils has gained major popularity among all age groups because of its effectiveness in treating various kind of ailments and its various methods of application. Essential oils are commonly used in baths, teas, massage oils, inhalants, and diffusers.