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This may already be on my board somewhere; really really like it...
橘玄叶 - lolita
Cute, fairy kei: Multicolored headdress. Multicolored, knit muffler. Light blue, knit mittens. Light purple cardigan. White, knit poncho. Creme corset. Creme skirt with frills.
And … in the middle of all this, although she is very weak, She is the one spreading hope, sharing her medical experience, insights and giving comfort and love to the personnel. She is a brave hero. / She misses you all very much! Sadly she will not be back here on Pinterest, just yet. As always, She sends her Love and many Hugs to you all! / And to those of you who pray … I say … Do Not Give Up. / Blessings from Gunnar L.  Beautiful peach gown ✿⊱╮
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