Udang Kari

Coconut Prawn Curry

~Elra's Cooking~: Broiled Red Snapper Serve With Balinese Spicy Lime and Shallots Sambal

~Elra's Cooking~Broiled Red Snapper Serve w/Balinese Spicy Lime Shallots Sambal

Manado Chili and Lemon Basil Chicken... Will need to do it someday!

Ayam Garo Rica Recipe (Manado Chili and Lime Basil Chicken) - A Sulawesi dish - (Besides the recipe, there is some interesting information on lndonesian leafy ingredients.

Lontong Opor #Makanan khas #Indonesia

I think you have to taste this when celebrating Eid Fitr in our country, babe 😍😘👍❤

Toge Goreng Betawi by lisa.basuki, via Flickr

Toge Goreng Betawi by lisa.basuki, via Flickr

Indonesian Meatballs (Bakso)

Bakso 1 kg minced flank beef 200 – chicken breast 7 cloves of garlic (sliced and fried) 1 tsp fried onion 1 egg 300 gr tapioca flour salt and pepper very cold water