clarissa jane allain

clarissa jane allain

wishful thinker.mindless dreamer.
clarissa jane allain
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Move on

Always a good reminder, no matter how much they hurt your heart in leaving. "Even if it takes you five or ten years to closing a chapter once it's closed the next one will be that much more beautiful.


It’s impossible for you to control or direct your future. It’s time to stop hoping that one day you will get there, that one day life will be awesome. You can invest all the time you like in making sacrifices now so that you eventually.

Iced Mocha Dress

Iced Mocha Dress: Features a chic strapless design with all-over sequin bodice, stretchy upper portion for a custom fit, and cloud-like gathered chiffon fabric expertly draped around the hem to finish. In a different color!