1967 ford mustang

Experience the iconic 1967 Ford Mustang, a true symbol of American muscle and automotive excellence. Discover the history, features, and unique characteristics that make this vintage beauty a must-have for any car enthusiast.
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This 1967 Ford Mustang was built as a C-code coupe at Ford’s San Jose, California, facility and was modified by the seller’s father approximately nine years ago with the installation of a 427ci V8, a four-speed automatic transmission, a 9″ rear axle with a limited-slip differential, upgraded sus

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1967 Ford Mustang coupe Special Paint Pink parchment-colored vinyl top parchment vinyl interior 200ci inline-six engine 120 horsepower / 190 lb-ft of torque three-speed automatic transmission 7¼” rear axle Sports Sprint package 14″ wheels with covers 6.95-14 BFGoodrich