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J. Walter Thompson created Female Tribes to change the cultural narrative around women, and specifically to champion Female Capital - the value that women bring to the world as women.

Tamara Kornson
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While Alzheimer's disease isolates 153,000 Quebecers and that, by 2031, it is estimated that the number of Quebecers with a neurocognitive disorder will increase by nearly 70% This campaign emphasizes that caregivers are so invested in the person they love that they can become overloaded with daily tasks.

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Hello, my name is Solomon and I am a Print ADdict. It all started on a beautiful summer day when I fired up my laptop and decided to cherish the fact that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. So I decided to put my creative skills to test and challenged myself to 365 days of print ads.

Mars Sebastian
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One of our assigned readings for class (Felton 2006) talked about the importance of the overall look and feel of an ad; essentially, the ad's format. Felton gives 7 suggested layouts to use as a type of "checklist" when developing an ad. I have taken the time to find all seven, using various types of Starbucks coffee advertisements as examples. 1. Standard Layout: Starbucks has a lot of ads that are in the standard layout form; Illustration, Headline, copy, logo. I chose this one because 1)…

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