African pottery

Add a touch of culture to your home decor with beautiful African pottery. Explore top ideas to incorporate these unique and artistic pieces into your interior design.
African Ceramics | to fire pottery the traditional Venda way at Mashamba Pottery ... South African Culture Traditional, African Pottery Traditional, South African Crafts, African Clay Pots, African Vase, South African Tribes, African Ceramics, Traditional Decor Southern, Africa Craft

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Preparing to fire pottery the traditional Venda way at Mashamba Pottery Factory. The women pile a variety of pots together, surrounding them with scrap sheet metal and wood, which increases the firing temperatures to a sufficient heat to properly fire the pots. They burn for about 6 hours and then the metal is removed, revelaing new pots. Limpopo, South Africa

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Hi, i am Mary. nice to have you . Visit my etsy handmade art decor shop and discover our beautiful handmade African shield made for wall display. Click to learn more. Dimensions; height: 60 - 71cm width : 25 - 30cm These beautifully crafted African shields were first made by our forefathers here in the Bamileke clan of Cameroon, part of an area known as the Cameroon Grasslands. While these shields are no longer used in battle, they are currently used for ceremonial and symbolic purposes as…