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Explore the rich and vibrant world of African tribe clothing. Discover unique styles and traditional designs that will elevate your fashion game. Embrace the cultural heritage and make a bold fashion statement with African tribe clothing.
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Wikipedia about Kikuyu: Lets continue with the tribes. In addition to Kalenjin, Kikuyu is another tribe who have been visible in practically everything that happens in Kenya. I think we could say that even more than Kalenjin, they have shaped the politics of the country. Even in colonial times Kikuyu were said to be willing to work together with English, although they were also the ones to start organized anti-colonial movement. Usually it is said…

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African traditional Mud cloth – fabric dyed with mud. Yes, really! - Ponchos, Clothes, Couture, Africa, Mens Suits, African Men Fashion, African Men, African Clothing, African Wear

In Africa, there is a very curious and unique fabric, traditionally handmade and widely used by Malian ethnic groups. This cloth and the outfits made of it are called “Mud cloth”, “bògòlanfini”, “bogolan”, or “Grand Boubou”. The Mud cloth is so interesting because it is dyed with the fermented mud. Where else can you find fabric dyed with mud?! In modern days, the bògòlanfini is exported from Mali worldwide and is used in the fashion industry and interior design.

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