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Make learning the alphabet fun and interactive with these engaging activities and games for kindergarten. Help your child develop essential literacy skills while having a blast!
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Learning letters is the first step in learning to read. Children in preschool and kindergarten largely focus on letter identification and letter sounds. While some kids are naturally inclined to learn letters from a young age, others take longer and that's okay. My mission is to making learning letters and how to read fun and

Jackie Danhauser
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Say goodbye to workbooks and hello to engaging letter recognition activities! Get outside and get creative while your child learns to identify their letters!

Moani Orstead
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One of my favorite classroom cooperative learning games is the game "I Have, Who Has." It is a great way to reinforce or review skills being taught and once you teach students how to play the game, you can use it for almost anything content by just switching out what students are learning. not only reinforces skills but also keeps students excited and engaged throughout. Let's dive into how this game works and its myriad benefits for your classroom. How to Play Playing "I Have, Who Has" is…

Jessica Welch
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I think it’s safe to say that the warmer weather is FINALLY here to stay (fingers crossed), and we couldn’t be happier about it! This means water play ideas for preschoolers will be the name of the game. We need all the outdoor time we can get after such a long winter. Just before we

Kristen Baldwin
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This alphabet bingo game is fun for preschoolers who are learning to recognize their letters. All you need to do is print the ABC bingo game boards and then draw a letter and let your little one search for it on the game board. They will learn their letters while they play!