Alternative birthday treats for school

Discover tasty and nutritious alternatives to traditional birthday treats for school celebrations. Make your child's birthday extra special with these creative and wholesome ideas.
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So If you follow me on Instagram (@FindingSilverLinings), you know that Max is now in preschool. With all of the allergy precautions and liabilities that school have regarding food, kids are not allowed to bring cupcakes -or anything edible for that matter– to celebrate birthdays. This is of course very sad for parents like me...Continue Reading

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If you want to skip the birthday cupcakes this year, you will love these other delicious and simple ideas for birthday snacks for school. These school birthday treats include healthy snack ideas, no-prep treats and sugar-free options for celebrating birthdays in the classroom.

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School classroom birthday treats are so much fun for kids! This is so much fun sharing the best birthday snack ideas for school parties. When all of the classroom starts singing happy birthday and gets to celebrate your child’s big day, it is a great feeling. Before you head out to get your birthday classroom treats, be sure to look through this list of birthday treats for school.

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