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Learn more about Amelia Zadro, the talented and beautiful model who is making waves in the fashion industry. Discover her journey, her unique style, and why she is one to watch.
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#4 Romance 30/10/19 "Do you think you can keep up?" a cold voice asked "Mr Rycroft, you hired me because I could keep up, so I guess you're the answer to your own question" I replied, giving him a sarcastic smile. ~ Mr Erik Rycroft, the cold and ruthless Billionaire that doesn't care if he hurts anyone to get what he wants. Aviana Elvin, the one person who could probably crack his hard exterior, she just happens to be his assistant. Copyright @tavanalee No Rights Reserved 2018

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Name: Maya Potter Nickname: Mimi Year: Same as your Twin brother House: Gryffindor Close friends: Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, The Twins Favourite subject: Transfiguration Position: Fan Looks: Dark brown hair, emerald eyes and freckles Blood status: half blood Pet: Cat Bf: Draco Malfoy When you came to Hogwarts: You didn't know anything about magic, but you, unlike your brother, quic...