American indian heritage day activities

Celebrate American Indian Heritage Day with these engaging activities that honor and explore the rich cultural traditions. Discover ideas to educate, entertain, and celebrate the contributions of American Indians.
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Native American Heritage Month is in November. We have teaching resources on history of Native Americans (American Indians history) and present-day Native American cultures. Get Native American lesson plans, American Indian arts and crafts including totem pole craft ideas and more. Perfect for November Teaching Resources for Thanksgiving, too!

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Making a Diorama is an excellent way for children to learn about various cultures. Read on for step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Native American Diorama. | #nativeamericancraft #lowerelsocialstudies #creativelearning #dioramadiy Pre K, Navajo, Native American Projects For 5th Grade, Diorama Kids, Native American Projects, Projects For Kids, Indian Crafts, Native American Lessons, American Indians

Are you and your kids making a Native American diorama? Here are tips and step-by-step directions on how we made ours. There's no better way to combine social studies and art than making a diorama. We LOVE making dioramas!

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November is American Native Heritage Month so let's celebrate their heritage and culture. Having spent 10 years in Alaska I was able to learn so much about the Alaska natives and even visit a Totem Pole village. I was fascinated with their myths and legends and how much they understood about taking care of the land and the animals. Did you know that many scientists believe that the first Americans traveled from Asia through the Bering Sea to Alaska before moving east and south more than…

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Last week, we Amy taught our kids all about different Native American cultures. I say Amy and not "we" because she is very knowledgeable and really did do most, if not all, of the teaching for this unit. It is also a subject that she is very interested in. And she did an amazing job, as always! Each day we focused on a different region. We had a fact booklet that we read, and we read them different legends from each region, showed pictures, etc. I wanted to show you a couple of the…

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