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Chris Hirata l Animation & Illustration: Animation Mentor Advanced Body Mechanics: Week1 2d, Animation, Figure Drawing, Figure Drawing Reference, Animation Reference, Body Mechanics, Animation Tutorial, Walking Animation, Animation Sketches

New term started! Here's a planning for the first shot. I kinda made things too complicated last term, so I'll try to keep things simple and focusing on body mechanics. I'll put some attitude in the character but not much acting this term. It's always better to take a video reference by my self but I'm too scared to jump on the balance beam. XD

Steve Bushman
Figure Drawing, Gesture Drawing, Draw, Animation, Drawing People, Animation Reference, Cartoon Body, Drawing Poses, Stick Figure Drawing

This class focused on the fundamentals of animation, like the 12 Priciples of Animation devised by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas and basic physics. Term: Winter 2011 Mentor: Paul Allen Section 1 Introductions were made between the mentor and students. Section 2 Public Sketches I went to a shopping mall to do a few pages of quick sketches, catching people behaving casually. The goal was to apply what was seen, paying attention to line of action and…

Nathalie Donderis