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Explore a collection of animation sketches that will ignite your creativity and inspire your own artistic journey. Discover top ideas to bring your characters and stories to life through the power of sketching.
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For my basic walk cycle i followed Penny's Blog and also used "Richard Williams- the Animator's Survival Guide' they were both very helpful and useful to my final walk cycle. I did the walk cycle about 4 times before getting it perfect. Here's one of my failed examples After this attempt i had 3 more goes at trying to get my walk looking normal so i payed closer attention to the richard williams book. And drew out rough sketches of what the poses, just because it helped me understand them…

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This is a fan animation of Star Wars created by Renato 3XL and myself. This was animated in Photoshop for 2D and Blender for 3D and all comped in AfterEffects. Credits: 2D character animation: Sykosan 3D and 2D effects: Renato3xl Music: Tolo Prats Sound FX: Marc Arambudo Sound mix: Sonoteque

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In this tutorial we'll show you how to animate an awesome explosion in Flash, which you could use for an cartoony action game. We take you from conception to completion, then show you how to...