Anime angel goddess

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Wing Tattoos, Yellow Glowing Eyes, Dnd Angel, Angel Female, Halo Jewelry, Angel Halo, Danmachi Anime, Glowing Eyes, Blush Dress

AI Art: Moon goddess by @My Hu | PixAI

1girl, blush, dress, angel, halo, jewelry, looking_at_viewer, wing, long_hair, white_hair, angel_wings, earring, bang, parted_lips, anime_style, white_dress, yellow_eyes, bare_shoulders, feathered_wings, pixaianimate AI Artwork 'Moon goddess ' prompts: ,more_details:-1, more_details:0, more_details:0.5, more_details:1, more_details:1.5, yellow glowing eyes, glowing tattoo,Liora, the Celestial Priestess: Liora, an Aasimar of celestial grace, radiates an otherworldly aura with her yellow eyes…

Bernardo Sakazaki