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Explore a collection of cute and charming anime fox boy characters that will capture your heart. Discover their unique personalities and stories in this captivating list of top ideas.
Hi there my name is Satoshi Mitsuru I'm a high school student on the … #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad Comics, Manga Comics, Fanart, Manhwa, Anime Character Design, Otaku, Wattpad, Anime Demon Boy, Anime Fox Boy

Satoshi Mitsuru is a high school student in a prestigious private school of Goldenberg. Only the most wealthy and famous children could afford to be there. His mother is a well renowned actress and his father is the CEO of a famous company. The main reason why he got to go to that private high school. Not only that he has great academics and athletic ability he was called the genius of the whole generation, which gave people reason to envy and despise him. He is currently on his way to…

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