Arctic fox

Explore the amazing world of Arctic foxes and learn about their unique adaptations to survive in harsh Arctic environments. Discover stunning photos and interesting facts about these beautiful creatures.
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Zookeepers Share How Animals Are Reacting To The Lack Of Visitors

Staying home in quarantine with your loved ones feels like living in a zoo now and then. Nobody said it’d be easy. Meanwhile, the real zoos out there have closed their doors to visitors. And that means that porcupines, cheetahs, rhinos, and all the bestest boys and girls are having no proper social life.

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Arctic Fox

Arctic fox running by the photographer on a sunny spring day in the Arctic. There were many fox hanging around this area, counted 7 Arctic and 12 Red fox in an area about 10 acres big. This is the same area the two Red Fox clashed at in other photos. There must be an abundance of lemmings living under the snow for so many fox to congregate in the same area.