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Transform yourself into a work of art with these creative costumes. From famous paintings to abstract masterpieces, discover unique ideas to stand out at your next Halloween party.
Cassie Stephens: What the Art Teacher Wore #121 and Art Room Craziness Burlesque, Halloween, Costumes, Pop Art Costume, Pop Art Halloween Costume, Playing Dress Up, Teacher Halloween Costumes, Up Costumes, Halloween Outfits

"Super Hero" Monday: I know, y'all have seen this here get-up before. You can read all the gory, near-death-by-applique details here, if you can handle the scandal. dress: vintage DIY dealio here; tights and wig: (yes, it's fake. So realistic though, riiiiight?) Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing Hey, kids. How are ya's? 'Twas Spirit Week on my art teacherin' planet which is code for Dress Like a Crazy Person All Week. However, when you are the crazy art teacher who…

CL McClintock
Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait costume. Art nerds for the win. Halloween, Home-made Halloween, Halloween Crafts, Halloween Costumes, Creative Halloween Costumes, Halloween Costumes You Can Make, Halloween Fun, Creative Costumes, Cool Halloween Costumes

redditor beadmandingo spotted Vincent Van Gogh walking around the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. There's a lengthy discussion in the comment thread about the identity of the performer, who may be a local underground celebrity. Link -via Super Punch...

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