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Explore creative techniques and ideas for capturing stunning photographs of models. Elevate your photography skills and create captivating images that showcase the beauty and artistry of the human form.
from "Viva Hooky Street" by Nadia Lee Cohen. (f*cking amazing, check her work out!) Nadia Lee Cohen, Felicity Hayward, British Sitcoms, Weird Photography, Only Fools And Horses, Fools And Horses, Awesome Hair, Photographie Inspo, Love And Lust


My mother should be concerned. With every seasonal shift, I inadvertently go off in search of new inspiration for my clothing, home decor, art, and attitude. In previous years, it's always been seemingly harmless: one summer I was obsessed with everything that reminded me of Lisa Frank. Another summer I was Betty Draper. Another summer I created my life to match the "Rabbit Fur Coat" album. Another summer I cut off my hair and replaced all of my clothes with black skinny jeans and white…

Eden Hollis
Alexis Franklin, Spotify Profile, Interesting Portraits, Weird Aesthetic, Landscape Pics, Streetwear Art, Abstract Portraits, Portrait Editorial, Digital Portraits

Vibrant Digital Portraits by Artist Alexis Franklin Emphasize the Nuances of Emotions — Colossal

Dallas-based artist Alexis Franklin considers her digital renderings a reinvention of the expected. “I’ve always seen the world through a filter that brings vibrance and excitement to things most people wouldn’t notice, and that’s something that I really want to have come across in my work,” she says of her expressive paintings. Through facial expressions, gestures, and color, each work highlights the nuances of the subjects’ experience, personality, and mood. A church videographer by day…

Aline Barbosa