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There is something special about the face paint ideas that fill Instagram and other social media sites. Focusing on a single aspect of the body, they highlight your face and suit any interesting tattoo you might have on your body. Today, the internet is filled with a lot of Halloween face paint ideas since people want to spice up a party with their looks. But it's important to remember that face painting has a much deeper meaning in some cultures.

Monika Dvornik
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I have always loved art and the serenity it brings me. Whether I am in the presence of great art, or I am painting myself, it soothes me. However, I had never seen 'body art' until attending beginners face painting course and was shown a few images of amazing pieces of art painted on the human body. I was blown away. From there I was offered a job and I started experimenting with the paints I was provided with. I fell in love. I started painting every day and eventually I came across…

Lisa Rodriguez