Bat wings

Get rid of flabby arms and tone your muscles with these effective bat wing exercises. Say goodbye to saggy skin and hello to strong and defined arms.
Hang in there, buddy (Animal Kingdom - Malayan Flying Fox bat) by ohhector, via Flickr Nature, Fox, Creatures Of The Night, Wild, Wings, Creatures, Wildlife, Fox Bat, Natural World

One of my favorite parts of Animal Kingdom and the trails, are the huge bats. I mean, you are IN the room with them, there are no dividers between these huge things and you. Granted, from what I hear they rarely if ever fly into that little porch area but still. I can never stop taking photos of these guys while I am there This trip was no exception. I had about 3/4 shots that I kept, and 3 of them are very similar...but different enough to post. This one I liked how you see his entire…

Olga DrаΞr
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If you're designing a race of bird people, what makes more sense? Wings on back, or wings on arms? I'm trying to create a species of bird-likes. Lore is that they evolved from the blood of the Goddess of wind that's essentially a Kirin+Sylph, so they have a lot of those traits. I'm looking at harpies, garuda, tengu, and other fictional creatures. Their culture is very Mesopotamian/Zoroastrian and they're highly advanced and good at magic. Key things in design: >no beaks (it looks silly)…

Ashley Knights