Bee repellent

Discover natural and effective bee repellent solutions to keep your outdoor space free from buzzing bees. Create a peaceful environment and enjoy your time outdoors without any interruptions.
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How to Keep Bees Away When You're Trying to Enjoy the Outdoors - Patio Gateway

Follow these tips and steps to learn how to keep bees away to stop them from keeping you away from the summer spaces and activities you love.

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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees Naturally

The warm sunshine, flowers blooming, buzzing of bees, spring is here indeed! However, the buzz of bees is not always a pleasant sound; especially it is coming from inside your house. Yes, wood boring bees are notorious for drilling holes in wooden furniture and damaging it. Read on to know all...

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"Bee-leaver" DIY Honey Bee Repellent — THE ADVENTURES OF JACK

Along with 3D printing, tinkering with electronics, and a bunch of other hobbies I am also a beekeeper. I have been beekeeping for about 6 years or so now and I feel like I’m constantly learning new things when it comes to honeybees. I decided to write this short post in hopes that it’ll help others

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