Beer tap handles

Elevate your home bar or brewery with these unique and creative beer tap handle ideas. Choose a tap handle that reflects your style and adds a personalized touch to your beer serving experience.
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"Tap Handle Wall Display - Holds 6 Tap Handles - 24\" Wide"

This wall mounted tap handle display that can beautifully show off and store your collection in your home bar! This can be made with barn wood or a clear pine board (stain choices) to meet your design needs. You are also able to pick the color of the brackets which are 3D printed plastic to hold your tap handles vertically for display. Note - the screw threads themselves are metal inserts for durability and will either be black or silver depending on availability. * 24" can hold 6 tap…

Lance Sandlin
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Here are the 23 best craft beer tap handles in America

A great tap handle can grab your attention, then compel you to order... as in, "that one with the dragon and the girl on it, yeah, that one". And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, as most of the best tap handles are attached to lines pouring some of our dragon/girl-obsessed Nation's best craft beers. Here's a list of 23 to keep your eyes and mouths open for.