Behavior bingo

Enhance learning and promote positive behavior with engaging behavior bingo games. Discover a variety of fun and educational ideas to incorporate behavior bingo into your classroom or home.
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Classroom Management {Tips, Tricks Freebies} - One Sharp Bunch

Hey, friends! I'm teaming up with my good friend Elyse from Proud to be Primary to bring you a whole slew of classroom management tips and tricks... plus, a bunch of classroom management freebies! This

Shannon Weber
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Classroom Management Bingo (FREE!) - Teach Create Motivate

Classroom management can be a doozy! I wanted something fun and engaging to help my students stay focused throughout the year that hit multiple classroom expectations. I love changing up what I use in my classroom to help my students manage behaviors. These classroom Management bingo boards are perfect! I usually introduce the bingo board […]

Sarah Kim
Bingo Behavior - when kids are caught being good they write their name somewhere on the BINGO chart. At the end of the day roll the dice and the names on that square get a prize. Bonus die has colors on it for when the class is super good - roll it and everyone on that color gets a prize. Erase and start again the next day. Organisation, Behavior Bingo, Caught Being Good, Ms Rachel, Behavior Incentives, Hebrew School, Classroom Behavior Management, Behaviour Management, 5th Grade Classroom

End of the Year Survival

Wow! It's been over a week since my last post. So sorry. I'm incredibly busy like all of you trying to finish the school year. I'm putting my slide show together, memory books, doing grades and report cards, portfolios, practicing dance festival, field day activities, plus trying to babysit teach my little firsties. My hubby says it's crazy being married to a teacher in May and August and I'd have to agree. I know I have a few new followers (and some of you may have forgot about these or…

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