Best diets for women over 50

Discover the best diets for women over 50 to improve your health and vitality. Take control of your well-being and achieve your fitness goals with these effective diet plans.
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I’m Linda. And I tried it all. Atkins, Southbeach, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig. And I even listened to that silly baseball guy who talked about the shakes on TV for all those years. And yet, since I had my second daughter at 39, I had gained even more weight and had not lost any…

Michele Blate
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Weight loss can be simple. Knowing how to lose weight when over 200 lbs don't have to be complicated. At 245 lbs, my heaviest as an adult, I had no clue. And my overall wellness was suffering. Something had to be done. But the hunger, cravings, complicated meal plans, and calorie restriction made sticking to a diet too hard to make work. Then I discovered pain-free, simple weight loss for 200 lb woman was a bit different, worked what I learned, and ended up losing 75 lbs. No worrying about…

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