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Achieve a beautiful sun-kissed glow with the best tanning products. Find top-rated lotions, sprays, and oils that will give you a natural and long-lasting tan. Get ready to show off your radiant skin this summer!
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About this item THE HAWAIIAN SECRET TO A GORGEOUS TAN: The Amazing Maui Babe Browning Lotion is a local Hawaiian formula that has been loved for years for its impressive power to do exactly what it promises: to accelerate the sun triggered tanning process and offer you a natural, impressively beautiful tan. Simply apply it all over your body and get the most out of your time in the sun! **Maui Babe Browning lotion is not a self tanner or bronzer. You do need to be in the sun in order to…

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My obsession with being tan year-round has turned me into somewhat of an expert on the subject. I mean, when you’ve tried as many products as I have, you kind of just know what’s good. I will say this, so far no product has been bad. There have been products that didn’t really serve a […]

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Get a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow from head to toe with these best drugstore self tanning lotions that won’t stink, streak or stain! These moisturizing self-tanners are easy to apply and blend smoothly for a streak-free sunless tan that looks natural.

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Indoor tanning is a way to get a tan without outdoor sun exposure. Approximately 10 percent of Americans visit an indoor tanning facility each year, according to the Indoor Tanning Association. Indoor tanning equipment, such as tanning...

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