Big bear lake

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Big Bear Lake and plan your next adventure in this picturesque destination. Find the best activities, attractions, and accommodations for an unforgettable experience.
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Our first Christmas living in California was at Big Bear Lake, and it was so unforgettable that we keep on coming back over and over again! A short drive from the beach cities in LA and OC and you get to a totally different climate and vibe. From the beach to the mountains in just 2 hours, that's SoCal! Big Bear offers plenty of activities year round - yes, not just on winter – but I will limit this post to winter related activities as I haven’t been able to visit Big Bear on summer or…

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The area of Big Bear Lake referred to as “Big Bear Lake West”, is a not one specific community or subdivision, but rather the area of Big Bear bordered by the National Forest to the South and Big Bear Lake to the North, and is one of the first areas of Big Bear visitors arriving ... » Learn More about Big Bear Lake West