Blue forest

Immerse yourself in the enchanting blue forest landscapes and experience the beauty of nature. Explore top ideas to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere in your surroundings.
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*ABOR 1 IS OFFICIALLY COMPLETED, But by all means, if you haven't gone through it yet, please do so :)* Full of the art that I get around to drawing. There will be fanart, as well as realistic artworks and chibi's. Updates are random and sporadic. (Cover drawn by me) Aug 12/ 2016- 3k views Feb 12/ 2017- 7k views May 25/ 2017- 9k views Aug 12/ 2017- 10K views Feb 17/ 2018- 11k views Jul 02/ 2018- 12k views Aug 31/ 2019- 13k views and 2k votes May 21/ 2021- 14k views

Rebekkah Kelsay
Deep Blue Kelp Forest - Big Sur, California | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Portfolio & Services After shooting sea lions along the outer reef, this view presented itself under the expansive kelp forest. Epic visibility and just a tad of sun beaming through was irresistible. One of the clearest days I've ever had. Nikon N90s Nikkor 16mm AF 2.8 fisheye Aquatica Housing 8" Dome Port Ambient Light

Rosemary Chalmers