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Explore the charm and talent of Bo Gum, a rising star in the entertainment industry. Find out why he has captured the hearts of fans worldwide and delve into his most memorable performances.
Park Bo Gum Continues to Showcase Strong Visuals to Start Off 2023 in New SNS Pics in Celine Outfit - A Koala's Playground Models, Park Go Bum, Park Hyung Sik, Park Bom, Young Actors, On Set, Kdrama Actors, Bo Gum, Fine Men

I always felt like Record of Youth was really the Record of Park Bo Gum in his own meteoric rise to stardom. The story was simple and predictable and the directing was serviceable, with only his charisma selling what is … Continue reading →

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New profile photos of Park Bo Gum have been released! Last month, the actor signed with THEBLACKLABEL following his departure from Blossom Entertainment in December. On February 14, THEBLACKLABEL officially signaled Park Bo Gum’s new start with the agency by releasing profile photos of the actor with the message, “Welcome to THEBLACKLABEL, Park Bo Gum!

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