Body weight leg and glute workout

Get your legs and glutes in shape with these effective body weight workouts. Strengthen and tone your lower body with these top exercises for a fitter and healthier you.
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Can you get rid of cellulite I hear you ask? Cellulite is something we all have or had, and it won’t go away without a serious understanding of how. Various factors creating cellulite include; genetics, hormones and bad circulation. When you lose muscle or don’t have much of it, there’s no underlying foundation, so fat clumps together and accumulates. Cellulite […]

McKinley Witbrodt

We've got moves to hit all your problem areas, and this 15-Minute Complete Leg and Glute Workout trains your lower body all at once! Work your hips by doing the single leg deadlift, tone your inner thighs with inner thigh lifts and get that bubble butt of dreams with the help of the Romanian deadlift and the step up crossover!

Mariia Arp