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Dorian Yates ruled the world of competitive #bodybuilding between 1992 and 1997. He claimed the coveted Mr. #Olympia title six times consecutively which makes him a prominent figure in the bodybuilding hall of fame. Dorian Yates #muscle building workouts were a lot different from traditional bodybuilding #workouts. His #workout program was inclined more towards high-intensity sessions rather than high volume sessions.

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Choosing the most appropriate workout program according to your fitness goals can be a bit challenging. There are so many training variables to consider - like frequency, volume, rep schemes, etc. - that people often

Calum Von Moger Workout Routine Bodybuilding, Fitness, Powerlifting, Best Bodybuilding Program, Bodybuilding Program, Workout Programs For Men, Strength Workout Plan, Gym Program, Workout Program Gym

Calum Von Moger has always been a big admirer of old-school #bodybuilding. Just like the old school #bodybuilders, his approach towards lifting and gaining muscle size is dependent on mastering the basic exercises. He is not an advocate of fancy movements. Being a staunch proponent of old school bodybuilding, he always prefers the application of old school bodybuilding principles and techniques in his workout plan

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