Bold eyebrows

Enhance your look with bold eyebrows that make a statement. Discover expert tips and tricks to achieve perfectly shaped and filled eyebrows that will frame your face.
Why is a high set eyebrow more attractive than a low set among females? - PinkMirror Blog English, Eyebrows, Thick Eyebrow Shapes, Eyebrow For Round Face, High Arch Eyebrows, Eyebrow Beauty, Types Of Eyebrows, Eyebrows For Face Shape, Facial Aesthetics

Summary A high eyebrow type is considered more attractive than a low eyebrow type among females. In a study, subjects from various age groups ranked high eyebrows as the most attractive, with low eyebrows receiving the least preference. According to a study, highly set eyebrows are associated with female features. Two studies confirm that high-set …

Antonia Gómez Cepeda