Book folding templates

Elevate the art of book folding with these creative templates. Discover unique designs and techniques to create stunning folded book art for your library or decor.
Paw Prints Book Folding Pattern. DIY template with 288 folds/576 pages. Full instructions included. No measuring required by LooksInviting on Etsy Origami, Diy, Book Folding Patterns Free, Book Folding Patterns, Book Folding Patterns Templates, Book Folding Patterns Free Templates, Folded Book Art Pattern, Book Folding Templates, Book Page Crafts

This Paw Prints pattern allows you to create your own folded book art as pictured in the book above. The pattern requires 286 folds so you will need a book (preferably hard backed) with at least 572 pages and which is a approx. 21 cms tall (8 inches). Designed with lots of ❤️ and ☕. Other book folding patterns can be found in my shop here The pattern is a template style style with easy to read columns, which makes it more straightforward and quicker to use than most…

Angie Sande