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Brielle Yves is the new girl, except she's not actually new. She's been to Langston before, but only when she was a little girl hiding in the toilets at lunch because she didn't want to get bullied. Back then, she would let everything slide through her, hurting her feelings and making her feel bad about herself. But now, Brielle is back, and will not let anything slide past her. Grayson Valente, the popular boy. Who everyone sees as perfect, but really he's just boy with a broken heart…

Betelhem Mamaru
STALKER Mafia Lord Series 3 / Completed - STALKER 1 - Wattpad

WARNING: SPG || Rated 18+ (COMPLETED) Luther Declan is a drop dead gorgeous man who are serious in life. a lot of womens are willing to do anything to notice by him. His a Devil/Monster in his company, no ones try to mess with him. He hates clumsy people and don't do their works properly. Rank #1 - devil Rank #2 - possesive Rank #5 - general fiction

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Emily Parker, the girl who has been through horrible things that you can't even imagine, being abused physically, emotionally, and mentally. But amidst all the horrible people around her, there is one person who tries to save her as much as he can, her cousin, Curtis. But he isn't enough. Living in the fantasies of marriage and love just to stay away from real life, she meets Liam Knight. Forbes sexiest young billionaire from New York, who purchased Emily Parker as his wife and continues to…

Felien Tee