Breakfast souffle

Elevate your breakfast with these mouthwatering souffle recipes. Discover easy and flavorful ideas to make your mornings more enjoyable.
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If soufflés had a spirit animal, it would be an indoor house cat. They’re warm and fluffy and perfect when they’re perfect, but when they decide on a whim to not be perfect, they’re clumsy, capricious ninjas, destroying your furniture. That’s not to say that a soufflé will destroy your couch, but it can definitely …

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As a big fan of Panera, I’m so happy I found this copycat version of their famous egg souffle from Dainty bite on Youtube! I’m so obsessed with this recipe and frequently make this for my family. It’s also super easy to make and tastes just like Panera’s! So if you’re also a fan of

Rosaura Carrasquillo
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Our hands-down favorite breakfast item to get at Panera is their Spinach Artichoke soufflé. Though it has both spinach and artichoke and lots of protein from eggs, it is not necessarily the healthiest breakfast choice Panera offers - it has roughly 25% of a day’s worth of calories and 33g of fat - but oh boy, is it tasty! Since we usually end up indulging in one just about every weekend, I figured I ought to try making it at home - hopefully helping both our waistlines and our wallets…

Alex Greer