Bullet journal halloween

Get inspired with these creative bullet journal ideas for Halloween. Plan and decorate your journal with spooky themes and layouts to celebrate the holiday in style.
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The best way to start a new month in your bullet journal is by adding a fabulous, descriptive, fun, inspiring and creative first cover page. The best thing about creating your own bullet journal entries is, that you can make it your own. These can match your mood, emotions, memories, ideology or simply your own view on the month, for which the cover page is being created. I often wonder what will this month bring and if the feeling I have now, last the whole month? Here you will find some of…

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Hello friends! It’s Nabaa here from @whimsical.doodles on Instagram! For today’s blog post, I’ve rounded up some Halloween inspired theme ideas perfect for the month of October or just to incorporate the spooky season in your journal! I for one LOVE Halloween - I like horror movies (although I’ve yet to find something that has truly scared the crap out of me 🤣), halloween candy, dressing up, all of it! So I’m really excited to share today’s post with you! Let’s get into it: Recommended…

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