Cabrillo National Monument

Discover the breathtaking views and rich history of Cabrillo National Monument. Plan your visit to this iconic landmark and immerse yourself in the natural wonders and cultural significance it offers.
The magnitudes of oceanic tides are influenced on long timescales by the size and shape of Earth’s ocean basins, and are therefore driven by plate tectonics, according to new research. Credit: National Park Service Photo / Dan Zeller Intertidal Zone, Birch Aquarium, Cabrillo National Monument, La Jolla Shores, San Diego Travel, Point Loma, Rocky Shore, Seaside Beach, Pacific Coast Highway

Ocean tide size linked to supercontinent cycle

Daily tides are driven primarily by Earth’s rotation and the gravitational force of the moon on oceans. However, in a new study in Geophysical Research Letters, researchers suggest that tidal magnitudes are also influenced, on longer timescales, by the size and shape of the ocean basins, and are therefore driven by plate tectonics.