Caddis flies

Discover the fascinating world of caddis flies and learn about their unique life cycle. Find out how these insects play an important role in aquatic ecosystems and how to identify them in the wild.
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Andersons Bird of Prey - Black Andersons Bird of Prey - Brown Andersons Bird of Prey - Olive Andersons Bird of Prey - October Caddis Andersons Bird of Prey - Tan Anne's Stickfly Antigo Caddis Antron Spent Caddis Au Sable Queen Balloon Caddis Banksia Bug Bastian's Floating Caddis Emerger Bird's Caddis Black Caddis Black Hole Caddis Emerger Body Glass Caddis Larvae Bossano's Stick Caddis Brayshaw's Fancy Breadcrust Brown Dredgebug Bullet Head Caddis Caddis Creeper Caddis Emerger Caddis Larvae…

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Rhyacophilidae, Fishable Realistic Caddis Larva The Rhyacophilidae are a family in the insect order of Trichoptera, which are commonly known as caddisflies. Larvae of this family are in the free living behavioral group and most species are predatory. The largest genus is Rhyacophila, with nearly 500 species distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere. One important morphological characteristic is many Rhyacophilidae have a gill structure located on the lateral sides of the abdominal wall…

Andy Cordova
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Fly Fishing Entomology is one of the many things in fly fishing that has been WAY over complicated. Fly fishing entomology really boils down to a 3rd grade science quiz. Don’t make it more complicated then it needs to be! Though this is over simplified and we will not cover the various species in each […]

Peacock Caddis by Nicole March – Dette Flies Trout, Water, Caddis Flies, The Peacock, Nymph Fly Patterns, Caddis, Fly Fishing Nymphs, Riffle, Fly Tying

The Peacock Caddis is a simple, yet standard staple in any fly box, and is productive in many conditions. This pattern works well and is an easy tie that you can change up with sizes as needed. We like this fly in riffle and pocket water when not much is hatching. The peacock herl is a great attractor and has been used in countless patterns, showcasing the effective use of this material. Hook: Partridge Ideal standard dry fly hook #12 or Sprite All Purpose Dry Thread: 6/0 Black Uni 6/0…

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