Canning chili

Learn how to can your own homemade chili with these delicious and easy recipes. Stock up your pantry with jars of flavorful chili for a quick and satisfying meal anytime.
Home Canned Chili

I don’t pressure can as much food as I used to, I use my freezer mostly. But life is getting a little crazy. You know I’m right. So I’m not going to stop now. This chili recipe is a knock off of Wendy’s chili and it’s good. It’s been around the internet for ages. Since […]

Sharon Whitehurst
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I"ll admit it. We're a bean family. We eat beans in just about every form, from green beans we grow and can every summer to kidney beans, Lima beans....and chili beans. We love chili, especially when the guys are lucky during deer season. Venison chili is the absolute best. While I've canned just about everything under the sun, I've never really canned any kind of beans outside of green beans. My mom, mother-in-law, sisters-in law all canned green beans, but I don't remember any of them…

Carrie Bomhoff