Canning jar storage

Discover creative and practical ways to store your canning jars and keep your kitchen organized. Find inspiration for organizing your pantry with these top canning jar storage ideas.
Don’t store empty jars.

L. Hull Here’s a great idea. I saw this post in a group and had to share. “I’ve seen many posts asking about storing empty jars. So I’m sharing the wisdom of my grandmother. She taught me thi…

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After nearly finding myself crippled from building these steel shelves in a way to small space, I was finally able to place the canning jars in their new home. Needless to say, they are just a tad to get to. Finding the right jar is a bit like playing one of those childhood games where one moves the squares around to make a picture. But here they are in all their canning glory. Now we just need a confiture closet for the filled jars!

Amanda Houseman Pecora